January 24, 2012


Russian Art Workshops Teach Toronto About Russian Folk Art

Participants learn how to create bizarre authentic folk art on wood


Launched in 2011, Russian Art Workshops is a privately-owned company dedicated to the preservation and education of Russian folk art. The unique cause strives to help folk arts survive in today's high-tech, hectic lifestyle.

“It is a great opportunity to learn about Russia trough crafts and traditional folk art,” the site, www.RussianArtWorkshops.com, states.

Website visitors can register online for workshops that teach how to create artworks related to the country and introduce to people the rich culture of Russia through folk music, food and crafts.

Upon visiting the vast online resource, people will learn about the world-famous Matryoshka doll. These wooden dolls that are nestled into one another have a century-long history. The Russian Art Workshops teaches people how to paint a blank piece of wood transforming it into the cherished and bizarre piece of art.  Along with matryoshka painting workshops The Russian Art Workshops provides master-classes for other painting techniques on wood such as Polhov-Maidan and Gorodets. Folk painting courses will be also available in the near future. 

“Throughout the workshop, students will be listening to traditional Russian music, and there will be a demonstration of a few steps from a traditional Russian “matryoshka dance”, the site explains.

The materials fees for the hands-on workshops are incorporated in the cost of the classes. Complimentary tea, coffee and sushki (a traditional Russian tea bread) are provided during the workshops.

On Russian Art Workshops website online visitors can watch an interesting video that demonstrates carving a nesting doll.  On this video people can see that the production of blank wooden dolls needs a lot of skills and patience. After the workshops participants will learn that painting the dolls is no less laborious work.

The workshops take place every week on Saturdays and Sundays in Toronto at Yong and Sheppard location. For more information and to register for the workshops, visit www.RussianArtWorkshops.com.


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