We would like to welcome you to our online Matryoshka painting Master Class!

In this online tutorial you will learn how to paint those blank wooden dolls into an awesome piece of art!

In this workshop we will be painting Matryoshka in Gorodets style. Please keep in mind that on our physical workshops we learn how to paint the nesting dolls in Semenovo style, practice in folk painting under guidance of professional folk painting teacher, learn some history and interesting facts about Russian folk arts. Physical workshops are quiet different from what you will see below.

If you need to get blank wooden dolls for painting first, you should go here: ONLINE STORE or come to our location right before or after workshops and buy the dolls.

So, let's begin!

 It's nice to look at the matryoshka dolls, but it's even nicer to create your own matryoshkas. This opens endless opportunities for creativity and imagination. 

Before we begin let's prepare all the materials needed:

1. Pencil
2. Eraser
3. Brush number: № 0, № 2, № 4 (we use artificial squirrel) 
4. Palette
5. Paint (we use gouache or tempera. Acrylic is good but only for the background or in the mix with gouache)
6. Cotton sticks
7. Soft cloth (or paper towel) 
8. Oil based clear Lacquer for wood (you can buy it in Home Depot)
9. Something to cover your working place/table because things can get a little messy.  

Matryoshka gorodetskaya

Step 1 

First step would be a pencil sketch on our blank wooden doll. 
We draw a vertical line from top to bottom of the doll. We need it to help us make a symmetrical sketch on our future matryoshka.

And will begin from a face of matryoshka.
We need to check if the position of the matryoshka's face is correct. If the face is above the "neck" and there is enough spaces on sides and top for a future scarf, then it's correct. 
Then we outline the contour of the scarf: top of the scarf matches the contours of the face and the lower edge of the scarf covers the "neck" and a back.
Next we outline the matryoshka's hands that can be lowered downwards or bent at the elbow, and a dress. 
When the sketch is ready, you can begin to implement in color - this will be the second step in our nesting doll painting tutorial.

Tip: Do not push on pencil too hard. Just draw the lines that you will be able to see. In this way you can easily erase the mistakes and the doll will look more accurate and nice. 

Step 2

- Color background.
The choice of colors depends on your imagination, taste and availability of colors. But in any case it should be bright and rich colors.

Tip: There is a "rule" of painting matryoshka: paint it always from top to bottom. 

Step 3

-Design and painting the scarf.
Than we take the pencil again and outline the remaining patterns on the doll. 

The floral motives ideas for your matryoshka in gorodets style you can pick up from the picture gallery for Gorodets on this website or the album on our Facebook page

In order to tastefully place flowers and leaves on the scarf we think carefully about the position of each of the elements of the picture. And only after we finish with pencil sketch we begin the painting.

Tip: try to hold the brush almost perpendicular to the doll wile color your matryoshka. Forget about how you hold the pencil, pen or spoon. Holding the brush almost perpendicular to the working surface is the main secret of the folk painting.

Step 4 

- Painting the nesting doll's dress.
The easiest way to fill the background in the front is to draw matryoshka holding a bunch of flowers, a basket, a samovar, etc.

The rest is coming, comeback later ;))