Golden Hohloma is a bright phenomenon of Russian folk arts. The khokhloma handicraft became to be known as early as the XVII century in Nizhegorodsky region. It received the appellation of khokhloma art from one of the villages which grew to become a trading post to which the local craftsmen brought their wares for sale.

Traditionally khokhloma items were produced in the monasteries and were designed primarily for the Zhar's Court. When the highly-glazed pottery and metal ware was marketed, unusual painting of items from Semyonov guaranteed their popularity and sales.

Thus in the XIX century items with khokhloma painting were famous not only in Russia but in Persia, India, Middle East, the USA and Australia as well. The export of khokhloma items grew after the worldwide exhibition in 1889 in Paris.

In 1916 Nizhegorodskoye Zemstvo established the first School for Wood-Working Arts and Crafts in Semyonov. First graduators of that School with it's director Mr. G. Matveev found a Cooperative (in 1931) which was restructured into a large production company Artistic Production Works "Khokhlomskaya Rospis".To begin with the 1960-s "Hohloma painting" has become the main manufacturer of handicrafts with khokhloma painting. 

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