Matryoshka Painting Workshops - a fun way to learn about Russia through its favorite souvenirs!


Matryoshka painting workshop Toronto


R ussian nesting doll (painted wooden dolls nestled into one another) is widely known outside Russia and has a history of more than a century long. During this relatively short time, it became a symbol of Russia and its folk art.
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This unique illustrated and interactive workshop provides a wonderful opportunity for teens and adults to learn about the rich folk tradition of Russian Matryoshka making and to create a finished piece of authentic Russian folk art on wood. It is a great opportunity to learn about Russian crafts and culture. Participants will hear the story of the Matryoshka doll and will learn about her traditional Russian dress and costumes. Traditional Russian painting techniques will be introduced.

Throughout the workshop, students will be listening to traditional Russian music. The slide-show presentation will include a quick visit to a doll-making factory in rural Russia to see the stages in the doll making process. Some beautiful examples of the finest Matryoshka artwork to stimulate creativity and imagination will be shown. 

After the storytelling presentation, there will be a “hands-on” component where the workshop participants can paint an authentic Russian wooden dolls to proudly take home after the workshop.

A   materials fee is included in the workshop's cost. This fee covers the cost of the wooden dolls, the use of paints for painting on wood and brushes. 

Complimentary Tea, Coffee and Sushki (a traditional Russian tea bread) are provided during the workshops. 

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