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Art, music, and culture are universal languages and transcend all barriers whether ethnic, religious, or geographical. Therefore, if you are passionate about art and culture and interested in learning and connecting with different cultures around the globe then this great workshop is for you!

Natalia V.P. is a workshops coordinator. She has a diploma in arts and studied Russian folk painting on wood in Russia.
Natalia has a teaching experience from working at The Kiddy House Of Music in Richmond Hill teaching arts to preschool children. She also provided watercolor and wood painting classes for adults and children at the Antibes Community Center in North York in 2010. 
From 2009 till 2013 Natalia had also been working on her business as an owner of an internet marketing and event planning company. 

The workshops were started in 2011 in Toronto as a fun continuing of a hobby by two friends with Russian and Ukrainian descent Natalia V.P. and Natalia B.

During the years of 2011-2013 over 300 torontonians participated in the workshops. In 2013 Natalia V.P. moved to the Grey Bruce county and started a new career. 

Now, after a number of years of silence, the unique workshops are coming back and will be offered in Owen Sound, ON!

 What this workshop is about

This workshop is a great way to connect with a slice of Mother Russia.

This sophisticated and rich art form known as the Matryoshka, is as close as you can possibly get to Russian folk history. This platform will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make the traditional Russian wooden dolls. In the making of these dolls, you will truly embrace the intricacy and diversity of crafts that Russia has to offer.

Throughout the workshop, you will listen to traditional Russian music. There is a slide-show presentation that will include a quick visit to a doll-making factory in rural Russia to see the stages in the doll making process. After the storytelling presentation, there will be a “hands-on” component where you can paint an authentic Russian wooden doll.

  •  All materials are included and provided.

  • Complimentary tea, coffee and sushki (a traditional Russian tea bread) are provided during the workshops

  • Educational, fun and inspiring activity

  • Good for all age groups

  • Makes a great gift!

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